We write knowledge bases so you can focus on your SaaS / product

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Startups are fun! Knowledge Bases? Not so much.

But they are necessary, and in many cases your product could fail just because you failed to provide proper guidance to your clients. We take the boring, but necessary work away from you. 

We study your product

We will need 1-3 demos from you to get to know your product from your perspective. You will need to invest some time, but it is important for the ultimate goal.

You grant us access to your product

We get access and study it thoroughly. We make sure that we know all ins and outs, understand the features and know our way around it


We create an outline of the future knowledge base and some introductory texts, so you can see the quality of our work. Once you approve, we move forward with the rest of the project

Knowledge Base maintainance

As long as the product is alive, the KB must be updated and optimized. You can purchase a retainer, and we will ensure the KB stays relevant.

Why choose us over a freelancer?


1. Do you just write the texts, or can you also upload them into a Knowledge Base platform?

We will happily upload the texts to a platform of our choice. We will even optimize it for SEO and effective use by your clients!

2. What if I don’t have a knowledge base platform? Can you help with that?

Of course! We can help you pick something that will suit your needs perfectly, and we will be happy to develop a tailor-made knowledge base platform for you quickly and cost-effectively. It will run on WordPress, and you will be able to use it on a subdomain or folder of your website.

3. What if I have a Knowledge base up and running, can you take over?


4. How long does creating a Knowledge Base take you?

Depending on the complexity of your product, it could take anywhere between a week to a month.

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